Tympanometry measurement before and after a wax removal procedure


Our patient called us this week as he was feeling plugged up in both ears. Our audiologist looked into the patient’s ears to see occluding wax bilaterally. To confirm, she performed tympanometry to determine if sound is able to move through the canal to the eardrum. The patient had flat tymps on both sides (see images above for flat tymps), confirming occluding wax. Wax removal was performed using the Earigator, which is a form of irrigation using body temperature water and pressure control by the audiologist to flush the wax out of his ear canals.


The wax removal was a success. Post-tympanometry revealed high compliance bilaterally. The patient felt much better and less plugged afterwards.

Are your ears feeling plugged? Have you had wax removal done before? Have you tried having your wax removed using the Earigator?

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