How to keep your hearing aids in good condition

One of the most common questions we get is how to clean and take care of the hearing aids. We usually go through the cleaning when patients pick up their hearing aids but there’s often so much information to process that it can sometimes be overwhelming. What we’ve found helpful is to create videos to help show patients how to properly care for their hearing aids. Over the last few months, we’ve been going through the different hearing aids we have in the clinic and making videos on some of these more common issues.

So, how do you keep your hearing aids in good condition?

Simply put, consistent cleaning of the hearing aids. Proper cleaning ensures your hearing aids are working well and you’re hearing well. Annual check ups are also a good time to do all of this. Not only are annual appointments good to recheck your hearing, but also for us to check out your hearing aids and make sure they are working well.

How can you maintain your hearing aids on your end?

Hearing aid cleaning is most important. When patients call or email us to say they aren’t hearing well with their hearing aids or aren’t sure they are working, we usually recommend changing the wax guards on their hearing aids.The wax guard is the little white piece at the end of the hearing aid. Sometimes there’s a dome covering it other times it’s more visible . It all depends on the type of hearing aids you have. When the wax guard gets plugged, it can stop the hearing aid working properly.

To change it, you’ll have to remove the wax guard using the sticks we give with your supplies. Using the empty end, insert and remove the old wax guard and insert the new wax guard. You’ll need to put the new dome on (if you have one) after you change the wax guard.

Have you checked the microphones?

Another area that sometimes gets plugged are the microphones. We recommend using a brush and lightly brushing off the area on the hearing aid to make sure it is clear of debris. Just be careful and don’t brush too hard. If you’re still having issues, it may be time for a visit or call to the clinic!

Head over to our YouTube channel for proper maintenance of your hearing aids

We’re in the process of uploading a bunch of videos on proper cleaning of the hearing aids. We’ve gone through the different types and manufacturer of hearing aids in our clinic and made videos on maintenance and cleaning.

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