Learn how to stream directly from your phone to your Phonak Audeo™ Paradise hearing aids

With the current pandemic, more appointments and meetings are being done virtually. Hearing aids now have the capability to connect directly to your devices – depending on the hearing aid brand – to allow for easier listening. One style, Phonak Paradise hearing aids, can connect up to 8 different devices. You can now connect the hearing aids to stream seamlessly to your phone (Apple or Android device) and even to your computer. As long as your computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you should be able to pair the hearing aids so that you can listen to movies, music or even your Zoom meeting.

This video demonstrates how to pair your Phonak Paradise hearing aids to your Android phone. Once connected, you’ll be able to stream phone calls, music or movies directly into your hearing aids. This will reduce the need for earbuds and help with the clarity of the audio.

These hearing aids also allow you to use the tap control. This means your hearing aids can be programmed to allow you to accept or end phone calls or listen to audio by tapping the top of your ear. You’ll make two taps to either your left or right ear to accept your calls. We can change the tap control settings in the programming depending on your preferences.

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